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The blend to uplift, calm and promote joy, peace & simplicity.

Organic St John’s Wort, Organic Liquorice Root, Organic Rosehips, Gotu Kola, Lemon Verbena, Chamomile & Jasmine Flowers.

Our stress blend starts with St John's Wort. Not only is this a good full body tonic, it's an excellent nervine with a calming & sedative effect on the nervous system. It is traditionally used to treat mild depression. With this we've mixed the brain herb, Gotu Kola, which aids mental and nervous functions and Chamomile to sooth as well as strengthen the nerves, as well as promote joy, peace and simplicity.

We've then added Lemon Verbena. It's refreshing and calming, and can also aid in stimulating creativity, Liquorice Root for it's sweetness, and also to stimulate and to balance your adrenal glands.

Finally, for synergy and the most gorgeous aroma we've added Rose Hips and Jasmine Flowers.